The Inaugural Football Holiday Camp 2011

on June 7th, 2011 in News by The Brewster Trust

THE BREWSTER TRUST’s Inaugural Football Holiday Camp 2011 is for girls, boys & children with disabilities. It takes place between July 4th and July 29th 2011 as a weekly programme free of charge. Further information on the programme, age groups, organiser, coaches, courses, venue, medical, schedule, insurance coverage, lunch & drinks, equipment, children with disabilities, registration and camp hotlines and contacts you find here.


  • Thanks very much for giving my son Shammah the opportunity of inclusion. Your organisation is commendable.

  • I am thanking you in advance for giving my son Jahreece Springer the opportunity to do what he loves best and be better at achieving better skills thank you

  • Thank you very much for the opportunity given to my son Aarin, who totally loves football. He had such a great time and I know that it had to be great since he braved the sun and kept going back (he doesn’t do well in the sun). He can’t stop talking about Oggy (hope that is the correct spelling) and has been showing me some of the skills Oggy taught him. Oh and he enjoyed the meals as well 🙂 Thanks again!

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