Knockout Competition

11Friday, 27th February 20153.30 pmDaryll Jordan Secondary SchoolChrist Church Foundation School1:3
12Friday, 27th February 20153.30 pmGrantley Adams Memorial SchoolThe St. Michael School0:3** by forfeit
13Friday, 27th February 20153.30 pmThe Lester Vaughan SchoolSt. George Secondary School3:0TLVS: 4' Damar Maloney (1:0), 17' Damar Maloney (2:0), 42' Isheam Ellis (3:0)
14Friday, 27th February 20153.30 pmCombermere SchoolPrincess Margaret Secondary School13:0CS: Avery Chandler (6), Zidane Clarke (3), Shaquan Waithe (2), Andre Applewaite (1), OG PMSS
25Thursday, 5th March 20153.30 pmDeighton Griffith Secondary School Christ Church Foundation School1:1 (PSO 2:3)
26Monday, 2nd March 20153.30 pmPinehill St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary SchoolHarrison College0:0 (PSO 4:3)
27Thursday, 5th March 20153.30 pmFrederick Smith Secondary SchoolThe St. Michael School2:0
28Monday, 2nd March 20153.30 pmColeridge and Parry SchoolThe Lodge School3:0CPS: Tre Cumberbatch, Aneko Greenidge, OG TLS
29Wednesday, 4th March 20153.30 pmTang Parkinson Memorial Secondary SchoolThe Lester Vaughan School2:2 (PSO 4:2)TPMSS: Kobe Evelyn, Tre Cobham; PSO: Kobe Evelyn, Jarad Maxius, Tre Cobham, Quashad Harewood;
210Wednesday, 4th March 20153.30 pmQueen’s CollegeAlexandra School 2:7QC: Ronaldo Bowen, Tyrique Belle; AXS: 4' Jaedon Moore, 12' Jaedon Moore, 13' Deshawn Toppin, 18' Romario Drakes, 34' Jaedon Moore. 63' Jaedon Moore, 70'+ Kevon Allsopp
211Wednesday, 4th March 20153.30 pmGraydon Sealy Secondary SchoolCombermere School1:5CS: Devonte Richards (2), Zidane Clarke (1), Shaquille Payne (1), Ricardo Reid (1)
212Monday, 2nd March 20153.30 pmProvidence Secondary SchoolAlleyne School4:3
313Friday, 13th March 20153.30 pmChrist Church Foundation SchoolPinehill St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School3:3 (PSO 4:2)
314Tuesday, 17th March 20153.30 pmFrederick Smith Secondary SchoolColeridge and Parry School0:2CPS: 36' Aneko Greenidge (0:1), 70' Aneko Greenidge (0:2)
315Friday, 13th March 20153.30 pmAlexandra School Tang Parkinson Memorial Secondary School1:0AXS: Deshawn Toppin (1:0)
316Friday, 13th March 20153.30 pmCombermere SchoolProvidence Secondary School5:1CS: Devonte Richards, Zidane Clarke, Shaquan Waithe, Demearo Greaves, Ramon Toppin; PSS: Russell King
SEMI-FINALS17Wednesday, 29th April 20153.30 pmChrist Church Foundation SchoolColeridge and Parry School
SEMI-FINALS18Wednesday, 29th April 20153.30 pmAlexandra School Combermere School1:0AXS: Mattiel Williams
FINAL19Friday, 22nd May 20153.30 pmChrist Church Foundation SchoolAlexandra School 2:1