League Information

Coca-Cola BSSFL U-14 | Season 2015/2016

Competition 1: The League

The Barbados Secondary Schools’ Football League congratulates the 2015/2016 U-14 Champion, The Pinehill St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School.

General information & rules

  • games are of fifty (50) minutes duration, two twenty-five (25) minute halves
  • matches start at 3.30 pm; games involving female teams will commence after the females have played
  • three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw and zero points (0) for a loss
  • each team is permitted rolling substitutions per match with no limit of players that can be used
  • Substitutions: each team is permitted rolling substitutions per match with no limit of players that can be used. Coaches must however remember that 20 medals will be given.
  • Eligibility of players:  Players must be born on or after 1st January 2003. Registration of players should be completed and submitted no later than 18th May 2016. Any team who plays over aged players are subject to disciplinary action up to an including forfeiture of all played games and a ban from future competitions.
  • all teams must be uniformly dressed (i.e. shirts, shorts and socks), as stipulated in Law 4 in the Laws of Association Football; shirts must carry separate and distinct numbers; players are allowed to wear personal protective equipment as long as it serves a medical purpose and is reported to the match official before the start of the match
  • the two (2) top teams in each zone and the two best third-place teams will advance to the quarter-finals; in the event of a tie on points teams will advance based on average goals per game
  • all games must be played as scheduled, any changes MUST be communicated to the Executive at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled game, rescheduled games MUST be played on date stipulated by the League , If these games are not played by the appropriate time these games will deemed by the League as a forfeiture or null and void
  • Forfeitures: all forfeited games must have the approval of The League, request must be sent to the League twenty-four (24) hour in advance outlining the reason for forfeiture, in the event of a forfeiture the opposing team will be awarded three (3) points and three (3) goals, teams who forfeit two or more matches in the competition may face disciplinary action
  • Ellerslie Secondary School will play its home games at the U.W.I. turf; Queen’s College plays its home games at Bridgefield, St. Thomas

Overview Zones

Alexandra School Ellerslie Secondary SchoolChrist Church Foundation School
Coleridge and Parry SchoolGraydon Sealy Secondary SchoolDeighton Griffith Secondary School
Combermere SchoolHarrison CollegePrincess Margaret Secondary School
Grantley Adams Memorial SchoolThe Lester Vaughan SchoolSt. George Secondary School
Pinehill St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary SchoolThe St. Michael SchoolTang Parkinson Memorial Secondary School
Queen’s CollegeThe Lodge School