Age Group 5-14, Group B

Team 1 (born 2009-2012)

Coaches Nat and Matt and their assistant Kyla with Zariah Baptiste (Most Improved Player), Terrell Corbin (Fair Play Award), Jaiye Foster (Happiness Award)

Team 2 (born 2007-2009)

Coach Marius with Kymani Hinds (“Golden Shin-Pad Award”), Thierry Robinson (Fair Play Award), Amari Jordan (“Golden Boots Award”)

Team 3 (born 2005-2007)

Coach Luis and his assistant Ijeo with Nahjae Haynes (Courage Award), Amani Layne (Fair Play Award), Ahren Francis (Dedication Award), Nathan Mascoll (Commitment Award)

Team 4 (born 2003-2005)

Coach Oggy and his assistant Kwame with Nathaniel Brewster (Most Improved Player), Thierry Jones (Fair Play Award), Xavier Ottley (Commitment Award)