The head coaches at the camp are alumni of Arsenal FC’s Gap Year Programmes. The Gap Year is open for young men and women over the age of 17. At the beginning of the programme Gap Year youngsters gain valuable qualifications in coaching, refereeing, first aid, child protection and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) whilst spending time coaching and teaching in local schools and community soccer schools in and around north London in order to build up confidence levels. THE BREWSTER TRUST is a partner of Arsenal FC and the Gap Year Programmes 2010 to 2013.
The coaches are under the special guidance of Nathaniel P. Brewster, Vice-President and co-founder of THE BREWSTER TRUST.

Coaching course for football coaches

One approach of THE BREWSTER TRUST is to have qualified and experienced people who are dedicated to football and are willing to share their know-how. Arsenal’s approach fits perfectly with this philosophy. Taking the examples of Israel or Kenya, Arsenal in the Community has recruited, year by year, several gap year students to coach football. This is what THE BREWSTER TRUST sees as one important element towards coaching the coaches.
Beside the coaching week from 8th to 12th July 2013 the participants are invited to assist our coaches for the following four weeks on a weekly or ideally a permanent basis to put into action what they’ve learnt. Each coach must be available for the training week and should be available for at least one additional “Holiday Camp” week.
In last year’s camp the most outstanding participant at the coaching course had been awarded a coaching participation at the Arsenal Gap Year programme for one month. THE BREWSTER TRUST selected two coaches, Tamisha Marshall and Renaldo Hunte, who will be with Arsenal FC the full month of August 2013.

“No sweet without sweat“
The most outstanding participant at the coaching course 2013, selected by the Organiser, will also be awarded a coaching participation at the next Arsenal Gap Year programme for one month which includes accommodation in England as well as travel costs.