Football is a global language promoting health, team spirit and fellowship regardless of colour of skin, intellect, talents or age. We speak different languages, we come from different cultures and we have different traditions. No matter who you are or where you are, you are not responsible for the past but you are for the future.

The founders of our charity, THE BREWSTER TRUST, Mr. Chesterfield N. Brewster and his son Mr. Nathaniel P. Brewster, grasped the initiative and are fully dedicated to fulfil their various goals to enhance the game in Barbados.

The goals of THE BREWSTER TRUST are to establish:

  • the lasting structure of football in Barbados,
  • a significant role of Club football in Barbados,
  • dedicated pitches and infrastructure,
  • functional facilities and equipment,
  • competition in attractive Leagues for all age groups in an adequate season,
  • age group and performance related proper training for officials and players alike,
  • registered and insured players,
  • to give dedicated and motivated individuals a fair chance, to have fun, to achieve fulfilment and to be given the opportunity to represent their Club or even country and finally
  • respect and fair play according to FIFA regulations.