1Harrison College109013843427
2The Lodge School87012942521
3The Lester Vaughan School86111741319
4Springer Memorial Secondary School74122491513
5Christ Church Foundation School102271026-168
6Coleridge and Parry School7214617-117
7Princess Margaret Secondary School8215824-167
8Alleyne School5203811-36
9Queen’s College61141021-114
10Frederick Smith Secondary School4013213-111
11Deighton Griffith Secondary School 5005019-190
1Tuesday, 18th February 20143.30 pmHarrison CollegeChrist Church Foundation School7:0Hayley Matthews (4), Tiffany White, Adrienne Forde, Moya Tull-Clark
1Coleridge and Parry SchoolFrederick Smith Secondary School
1Springer Memorial Secondary SchoolDeighton Griffith Secondary School
1Tuesday, 18th February 20143.30 pmQueen’s CollegeThe Lodge School1:6
1Tuesday, 20th May 20143.30 pmAlleyne SchoolPrincess Margaret Secondary School4:0AS: Danicia King (4)
2Tuesday, 25th February 20143.30 pmFrederick Smith Secondary SchoolChrist Church Foundation School1:1CCFS: Brette Lawrence
2Tuesday, 25th February 20143.30 pmDeighton Griffith Secondary School The Lester Vaughan School0:4TLVS: Tamika Campbell (1), Tachina Young (1), Shaunte Carrington (2)
2Tuesday, 25th February 20143.30 pmThe Lodge SchoolColeridge and Parry School4:0
2Tuesday, 25th February 20143.30 pmPrincess Margaret Secondary SchoolSpringer Memorial Secondary School1:3PMSS: 47' Shanelle Boyce (1:2); SMSS: 12' Felicia Jarvis (0:1), 17' Dominique Browne (0:2), 49' Felicia Jarvis (1:3)
2Tuesday, 25th February 20143.30 pmAlleyne SchoolQueen’s College0:5QC: Kaisha Worrell (2), Britney Hinds (1), Cheryse Rollins (1), Anne Lee McClean (1)
3Thursday, 27th February 20143.30 pmHarrison CollegeFrederick Smith Secondary School3:0HC: Kiana Brito (1), Akila Forde (2)
3Thursday, 27th February 20143.30 pmChrist Church Foundation SchoolThe Lodge School0:4
3Thursday, 27th February 20143.30 pmThe Lester Vaughan SchoolPrincess Margaret Secondary School3:1TLVS: Shaunte Carrington (2), Tamika Campbell (1); PMSS: Shannon Taitt-Alleyne
3Thursday, 27th February 20143.30 pmColeridge and Parry SchoolAlleyne School1:2CPS: Brittany Branker-White;
3Springer Memorial Secondary SchoolQueen’s College
4Tuesday, 4th March 20143.30 pmDeighton Griffith Secondary School Harrison College0:6HC: 4' Adrienne Forde (0:1, penalty kick), 6' Tiffany White (0:2), 25' Akila Forde (0:3, penalty kick), 30' Tiffany White (0:4), 32' Akila Forde (0:5), 44' Akila Forde (0:6)
4The Lodge SchoolFrederick Smith Secondary School
4Tuesday, 4th March 20143.30 pmAlleyne SchoolChrist Church Foundation School0:2CCFS: N. Cave, Brette Lawrence
4Tuesday, 4th March 20143.30 pmQueen’s CollegeThe Lester Vaughan School1:5QC: Cheryse Rollins; TLVS: 35' Shai Carrington, 38' Shaunte Carrington, 47' Shai Carrington, 49' Shai Carrington, 59' Shaunte Carrington
4Tuesday, 4th March 20143.30 pmSpringer Memorial Secondary SchoolColeridge and Parry School6:0
5Thursday, 6th March 20143.30 pmHarrison CollegeThe Lodge School2:0HC: 27' Tiffany White (1:0), 59' Akila Forde (2:0)
5Deighton Griffith Secondary School Princess Margaret Secondary School
5Frederick Smith Secondary SchoolAlleyne School
5Thursday, 6th March 20143.30 pmChrist Church Foundation SchoolSpringer Memorial Secondary School1:6CCFS: own goal;
5Thursday, 6th March 20143.30 pmThe Lester Vaughan SchoolColeridge and Parry School3:0TLVS: Shaunte Carrington (2), Amanda Clarke-St. Hill (1)
6Tuesday, 18th March 20143.30 pmPrincess Margaret Secondary SchoolHarrison College0:5HC: Adrienne Forde, Jorissia Barnett, Tiffany White, Kiana Brito, Akila Forde
6Alleyne SchoolThe Lodge School
6Queen’s CollegeDeighton Griffith Secondary School
6Tuesday, 11th March 20143.30 pmSpringer Memorial Secondary SchoolFrederick Smith Secondary School7:1SMSS: Dominique Browne (5), Felicia Jarvis (2)
6Thursday, 29th May 20143.30 pmThe Lester Vaughan SchoolChrist Church Foundation School2:1TLVS: 47' Shaunte Carrington, 60' Shai Carrington; CCFS: 57' T. Walrond
7Thursday, 13th March 20143.30 pmHarrison CollegeAlleyne School3:2HC: 14' Adrienne Forde, 49' Adrienne Forde (penalty kick), 57' Adrienne Forde
7Thursday, 13th March 20143.30 pmPrincess Margaret Secondary SchoolQueen’s College2:1PMSS: 24' Shannon Alleyne-Taitt (1:1), 60' Shannon Alleyne-Taitt (2:1); QC: 21' Kaishia Worrell (0:1)
7Thursday, 13th March 20143.30 pmThe Lodge SchoolSpringer Memorial Secondary School3:1
7Thursday, 13th March 20143.30 pmDeighton Griffith Secondary School Coleridge and Parry School0:1CPS: Aaliyah Williams
7Friday, 14th March 20143.30 pmFrederick Smith Secondary SchoolThe Lester Vaughan School0:2TLVS: Shaunte Carrington (0:1), own goal FSSS (0:2)
8Tuesday, 1st April 20143.30 pmQueen’s CollegeHarrison College6:0HC: Akila Forde (2), Keira Alleyne, Tiffany White, Kiana Brito, Aisha Bowen
8Springer Memorial Secondary SchoolAlleyne School
8Thursday, 22nd May 20143.30 pmColeridge and Parry SchoolPrincess Margaret Secondary School2:2CPS: 17' Aaliyah Williams (1:1), 50' Aaliyah Williams (2:2); PMSS: 6' Shannon Taitt-Alleyne (0:1), 28' Shannon Taitt-Alleyne (1:2)
8Wednesday, 25th June 20143.30 pmThe Lester Vaughan SchoolThe Lodge School0:1TLS: Nashandi Clarke
8Tuesday, 1st April 20143.30 pmChrist Church Foundation SchoolDeighton Griffith Secondary School 2:0CCFS: N. Cave (2)
9Monday, 30th June 20143.30 pmHarrison CollegeSpringer Memorial Secondary School3:1HC: Jorissia Barnett (2), Tiffany White
9Queen’s CollegeColeridge and Parry School
9Alleyne SchoolThe Lester Vaughan School
9Tuesday, 27th May 20143.30 pmPrincess Margaret Secondary SchoolChrist Church Foundation School2:1PMSS: 56' Shannon Taitt-Alleyne (1:1), 62' Ariel Grant (2:1): CCFS: 47' Brette Lawrence (0:1)
9Deighton Griffith Secondary School Frederick Smith Secondary School
10Thursday, 8th May 20143.30 pmColeridge and Parry SchoolHarrison College0:3HC: Akila Forde, Tiffany White (2)
10Thursday, 8th May 20143.30 pmThe Lester Vaughan SchoolSpringer Memorial Secondary School0:0
10Thursday, 8th May 20143.30 pmChrist Church Foundation SchoolQueen’s College2:2CCFS: Brette Lawrence, D. Doughty; QC: Anne Lee McClean, Cheryse Rollins;
10Thursday, 8th May 20143.30 pmFrederick Smith Secondary SchoolPrincess Margaret Secondary School
10Thursday, 8th May 20143.30 pmDeighton Griffith Secondary School The Lodge School0:6
11Tuesday, 13th May 20143.30 pmHarrison CollegeThe Lester Vaughan School0:1
11Tuesday, 13th May 20143.30 pmColeridge and Parry SchoolChrist Church Foundation School2:0CPS: Aaliyah Williams (2)
11Tuesday, 13th May 20143.30 pmSpringer Memorial Secondary SchoolGrantley Adams Memorial School
11Tuesday, 13th May 20143.30 pmQueen’s CollegeFrederick Smith Secondary School
11Tuesday, 13th May 20143.30 pmAlleyne SchoolDeighton Griffith Secondary School
11Tuesday, 13th May 20143.30 pmPrincess Margaret Secondary SchoolThe Lodge School0:5TLS: Nashandi Clarke (2), Cadijah Mars, Tiana Sealy, Ashanee Thompson