League Finals

Quarter-finals1Friday, 29th June 20183.30 pmThe Lodge SchoolColeridge and Parry School0:5CPS: Khimani Cox (4), Nathan Grazette (1)
Quarter-finals2Friday, 29th June 20183.30 pmPinehill St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary SchoolThe Lester Vaughan School2:0
Quarter-finals3Friday, 29th June 20183.30 pmQueen’s CollegeDeighton Griffith Secondary School 6:2DGSS: Shamari Harewood, Zion Mayers
Quarter-finals4Tuesday, 3rd July 20181.00 pmThe St. Michael SchoolAlexandra School 3:0*by forfeit
Semi-finals5Wednesday, 4th July 201802/01/1900The St. Michael SchoolQueen’s College2:1TSMS: Josiah Parris, Jaquan Pilgrim;
Semi-finals6Tuesday, 3rd July 20182.00 pmPinehill St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary SchoolColeridge and Parry School0:0 (6:7 PSO)Annotation: a total of 26 penalties were taken to decide that game
Final7Monday, 8th October 20183.30 pmThe St. Michael SchoolColeridge and Parry School1:2TSMS: 8' Jaquan Pilgrim (1:0); CPS: 22' Rivaldo Massiah (1:1), 53' Khimani Cox (1:2, PK)